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Being yourself is hard if you're not comfortable with coming out, which is totally understandable. However, little attention has been given to the experience of the many gay and lesbian digital artists around the world. Benson has never had any negative experiences or reactions when Disney co-workers found out he was gay. Kelsey has had direct experience with this problem. But they're not attacking you specifically Luckily, AJ's experience at the London studio was positive: We have discrimination policies in place, but realistically everyone treats each other with such a level of respect inherently anyway that I've never encountered a situation where it's been necessary to refer to the discrimination policies.

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Being a gay artist in the digital arts industries

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Cate Blanchett - Rainbow Pride Flag. What's it like being LGBT in the digital arts world? Kelsey's job interview philosophy seems to be it's best to be honest up front rather than risk getting a job that you might ultimately hate later on. View all Art Quarterlies. Like Kelsey's call for being honest with potential employers, Benson also believes in the power of authenticity, with being honest and "out" at work. It makes it very easy for employers to discriminate without making it evident that they're doing so.

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Probably my favorite so far. Skinflint Bondage Rope Bound Boy. Helm of Awe - Pride. Therefore, the company headquarters ends up in the more progressive neighborhoods in the big cities. The truth is no employer is going to come out and admit to a prejudice of any kind.

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