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Buffalo police spokesman Michael J. The actual number for any given year is likely higher, as some victims may have been misgendered by police or media, or their deaths not reported at all. When you're out and about all the time and doing what you have to do to survive, you are at risk for violence, you are at risk for people thinking you are less than somehow, therefore it is easier. Who are the Victims? Stopping the Violence "Reducing violence is simpler than we think," said Wade.

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Two Black Transgender Women Murdered Within 48 Hours


Rally to demand progress on Chicago murders of transgender women. Don't show this to me again. A transgender woman was found shot to death at a hotel in Jacksonville, Fla. Finally, it acknowledges that change isn't possible overnight, but it is possible. That is not only killing my people, but it's killing everyone else. Through an examination of data and conversations with experts, this investigative feature explores the threats trans and gender nonconforming people face every day.

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Four transgender women, that we know of, have been murdered this year: We are in the midst of a crisis. Wade acknowledges there has been some progress. According to a estimate , trans people make up just. Human Rights Campaign www.

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