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June 30, — The slave squinted from the bright sunlight. Then my prayers came true, and I felt two men inside me, one in my mouth and the other in my boycunt. Then I was on the floor between his knees as he sat back on the couch and I sucked him. The water was ice cold and the warmth of the sun was already unnoticeable. Punished in a sauna.

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Laughing, he stepped forward and stuck his dick in my mouth. The new slave was feeling his love for his master jeopardized. He looked for ways to escape from the backyard since the Daddy had started leaving him there for hours on end. His uncut cock was shriveled due to the damp cold. But the Daddy was not finished. That's what I need and crave. The slave screamed in agony as the ring protruded the sensitive flesh.

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The Daddy now led the boy by leash back into the house. He had no idea what was to come. The slave took in as much of the water as he could with a thick and erect cock in his mouth. Then he was talking to someone, and then I felt another man's hands on my ass and cock. When he was finished, the Daddy pulled a small pill out of his pocket.

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