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I told him something I find myself saying a lot these days: Still, portraying versatility as the "problem" seems mislaid! You fuck me a half dozen times on Fire Island; come visit me in Brooklyn and it's my turn. Versatility, then, is too much for some people to process, very much like bisexuality, which is still so misunderstood and maligned despite being a straightforward concept. He lived on the inland of South Jersey, so that's probably for the best. We often think of "gender stereotyping" as an expectation that biological males will possess other male traits and biological females will possess other female traits, with little or no crossover.

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Who's the Man? How Being Versatile in Bed Is a Way of Life

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Moskowitz and Trevor A. It is the way to take advantage of the breadth of pleasure that you are offered as a man who sleeps with men. All of the studies I read for this piece involving gay men's self-labeling reflected what I suspected: Versatility means freedom from the traditional binary narratives that I suspect most people, regardless of sexuality, can't relate to, but cling to because of the comfort in familiarity. It's worth feeling your way through.

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No holds—or holes—are barred. A few weekends ago, a straight male friend and I were discussing the straight world's squeamishness about gay sex. You can pinpoint pleasure within the wide but not limitless so as to be paralyzing array. You fuck me a half dozen times on Fire Island; come visit me in Brooklyn and it's my turn. Another question, which wondered how likely they thought Tom could pass as straight found the same progression—that unspecified Tom seemed the least gay, versatile Tom seemed the most. This study attempting to find the association between penis size and role found 56 percent of its respondents identified as versatile. He was a terrible top.

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